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As you would expect, there are a number of positive reasons for this and the fact that the value for property in Maida Vale remains lower than the value of property in the nearby St John’s Wood is a big factor. The two areas are located so close that all of the amenities and benefits in one location are on offer to residents in the other, but if you buy in Maida Vale, you will pay a smaller price for the property.

The W2 area of Maida Vale provides a great return for an investment

Another strong reason for looking at Maida Vale is that while most of the properties in this part of London lie in the W9 postcode region, there are some properties in W2, the Bayswater region. This is an area that has been highlighted for offering a strong level of development and regeneration in central London.

Many of the surrounding areas and postcodes have a greater reputation, leaving W2 to be overlooked by many investors. This has created an opportunity for the area which is often referred to as being from “the wrong side of the park”, but in reality, property in the W2 area of Maida Vale is as attractive a proposition as property found in the more commonly names areas in this part of the area.

Maida Vale offers long term benefits that will not change or move away

With tremendous transport links and the close proximity to Regents Park and central London, there is a lot to be said for what Maida Vale has to offer. This is unlikely to change, which means that it can be relied on for years to come. There are certain benefits that are short-term but the overall location and proximity to parks and reliable public transport ensures that Maida Vale provides a sensible long term return.

There is also the fact that you can get a return on your investment in more ways than just financial. If you are looking to stay in a stunning area where you can enjoy your children growing up or you can enjoy a busy and active social life, Maida Vale is for you. The nickname of Little Venice says everything you need to know about the style and grace of the area. The area by the canal is stunning and the numerous coffee shops and restaurants in the local area ensure that you can enjoy the view and atmosphere in the best possible comfort.


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