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Pay attention to the small details

This may not be what you want to hear if you don’t have a lot of time to transform your home, but there is a need to pay attention to details. Most buyers are aware of the key elements that a seller will focus on, so they now divert their attention to small things like looking into corners, nooks and cranny’s. This means you need to spend a lot of time ensuring everything is clean and in good condition.

Take care of the small jobs

It is common for people to have a list of small jobs that need to be taken care of but which always end up lying unfinished. You should look to take care of all the minor DIY tasks like changing bulbs, tightening door handles and the other minor jobs we so often put off.

Watch out for odours

This may be more prevalent for people with pets, but it is essential that you take care of any unpleasant odours in or around your home. If you do have pets, make sure that your pet has been thoroughly cleaned and that all of their items and favourite place shave been cleaned. If you have had your pet for a while, you may not recognise any “pet smell” but people entering your home for the first time will.

Remove the clutter

If there is one thing that is going to put people off of falling in love with your home, it is clutter. If a home is messy, it looks lived-in and there is not a lot of free space. This has a psychological effect on potential buyers and it is likely to put them off of the idea of buying your home. If you have kids, make sure that you tidy all of their toys and don’t just throw items in a cupboard and hope for the best, potential buyers look there too.

Remove the personal elements

It is best to create a blank space for potential buyers, allowing them to imagine they live here. If your home is packed full of pictures of you and your loved ones, it reinforces the idea that this is your home. It is best to remove many of these personal elements before you have visitors viewing your home.

Retain some character

Even though the previous two tips have recommended removing items and the personal elements of your home, you don’t want your property just to be a blank space with no personality or redeeming features. Using a splash of colour or introducing the right style of soft furnishings will indicate what can be achieved in your home, which will hopefully give potential buyers ideas of what they can do with your home.

Think about the bathroom

The bathroom is an integral part of everyday life, and this is why you want to ensure that everything is in great condition. This means checking the taps, the water flow and pressure and that everything looks tidy and great. You should look to remove any lime scale that has built up, ensuring that your bathroom looks at its best.

Add some space if you can

Depending on your budget, this isn’t a great solution or tip for everyone but there is no getting away from the fact that if you are able to add space to your property, you will find that this can make your property stand out from the crowd. Adding an extension, a conservatory or even carrying out a loft conversion will add value and interest to your home.

Be ready to show your home as and when requested

It may be that showing a willingness to promote and show your home will pay off. This is because the more people you have around to see your home, the more likely it is that bids will come in. There is also the fact that most estate agents appreciate people who work with them and go the extra mile to promote a property, which may see your property being promoted more prominently than other homes in the local area.

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