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There are many areas of London that are in high demand but Maida Vale has something that captures the attention and imagination of a great number of people looking for property in the capital. One of the most obvious reasons why Maida Vale is in such high demand is because it offers the best of both worlds. Maida Vale is very close to the heart of London and is within walking distance from many notable places, stations and even tourist landmarks and destinations. However, the nature of Maida Vale is laidback and this ensures that there is a chance to escape from the pressure of London life and feel as though you can relax and shut out the world. This is exactly what many people are looking for in their London property, and this is why buying property in Maida Vale makes so much sense for many people and families.

Maida Vale offers an experience like few other areas in London

With wide tree-lined avenues, properties sharing communal gardens of a large scale and homes that date back to the Victorian and Edwardian times, there is a lot to be said for the history and sense of tradition that can be found in Maida Vale. This is a diminishing trait in London and it is easy to see why many people are keen to live in an area that provides a connection with London from the past. It is also easy to see why many foreign investors would be drawn to Maida Vale, allowing them to tap into a sense and style of London that they know well but are unlikely to find in much of the city.

With Little Venice being found in part of Maida Vale, there is a completely different atmosphere and lifestyle on offer. The café culture by the canals provides an ideal opportunity to unwind and many people who have visited the area have fallen in love with the nature of the local area. This is a key factor in why so many London residents have looked to move to Maida Vale. They have been bewitched and seduced by the area when passing through or visiting and then decided to make their love-affair and connection with the city a much stronger one.

The average price for property in Maida Vale currently stands at £799,438, and this is a figure which has risen by close to 25% in the past year. While the average property price in Maida Vale is around 50% higher than the average property price in London, you should look at how Maida Vale property prices compare to local areas. For people committed to living in this area of London, Maida Vale provides an affordable solution. The average price of property in areas like Notting Hill, Bayswater, Paddington and St Johns Wood are all in excess of £1m, which means that properties in Maida Vale are in such high demand.

Taking all things into consideration, what is on offer in Maida Vale is very good value for the price and this is why there continues to be a high level of demand for property in Maida Vale.

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