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If you are looking to get the best price for your property, you should work on achieving this aim. This means that you should stage your property, and there are many things you can do to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer.

Think about the outside of your home

It can be all too easy to focus on the interior of your home when you are looking to present it in an attractive manner, but think about what a potential buyer will see first of your home. Yes, they will come into contact with the outside of your home first and this means you need to focus on the “curb appeal” of your property. It may even be that before a person arranges a visit they will take a drive by of your home to get a quick-feel for what is on offer, how the house is maintained and what condition the fixtures and fittings are in. If the outside of your home is in poor condition, you could lose a sale before you even knew there was a potential for a sale.

It is of benefit to stand outside of your home and view your property and maybe even drive by your home to get a feel for what guests and visitors see when they first arrive.

Tips to bear in mind include:

·         Have easy to read house numbers

·         Use a power-house on paths and walkways

·         Plant flowers and ensure that there is greenery

·         Wash windows

·         Mow the lawn and ensure that the lawn is seeded and looking as good as possible

·         Repaint flaky paint, entrances, gates etc

Make sure your home is sparkling clean

One of the most important tips when staging a property is to ensure it is spotless. If you are skilled at cleaning and you have sufficient time to take care of your home, do the cleaning job yourself. If you lack time or lack cleaning skills, hire a professional cleaner to ensure your home is spotless and akin to a new build property being presented for the first time.

Remove clutter

Clutter makes your home look untidy, uncared for and it reduces the sense of space. These are all aspects that you want to avoid so when you are staging a home, you need to reduce clutter to an absolute minimum.

Remove your personal belongings or sense of style

The things that make your house feel like a home to you and your loved ones could be the aspects that prevent potential buyers from imagining themselves in your home. When staging a property, remove families of you and your loved ones and try to minimise the personal flourishes and touches as best as you can. When staging a property, you want to present a blank canvas that will allow a potential buyer to stamp their own style on the house.

Other tips to think about include:

·         Having your home professional cleaned

·         Call on the services of an interior design to arrange your furniture

·         Consider placing your furniture into storage and renting smaller furniture to make rooms look bigger

·         Choose neutral and sophisticated colours

·         Open up closets and show off the space you have

·         If you have “extra” rooms, use them wisely and give them a purpose

·         Be seasonal

A lot of the tips involved with staging a property are based in common sense but a lot go beyond traditional staging and more into interior design. When it comes to utilising the space you have and convincing potential buyers that you have the ideal property for their needs, calling on the services of professional property stagers makes sense.





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